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Alastair Grindlay Golf Academy

To help a golfer reach their potential it is very important for us to look at their whole game.  Although time is spent looking at swing mechanics and technique we ensure that as much emphasis is put into other areas  of the game including putting and short game, course management, tournament statistics and psychology.

What We Do


Launch Monitor Coaching - Using our top of the range GC2 and HMT launch monitor we can analyse your swing in minute detail giving you the most comprehensive feedback in the game.  Used by top coaches and touring professionals. What is happening to your club at impact?  Using this technology we see everything, from what your clubpath is to how much backspin you put on your shots. 

High speed video analysis - Using Swing Catalyst analysis software and 240 frame per second camera capture you can see your technique on an iPad and 50” television while you work on your game.

Putting analysis and fitting - Using both indoor and outdoor sessions we can analyse putting routine, set up, technique, green reading and putter fitting.


On course tuition and guidance  - Although work can be done on the driving range and short game areas, looking at how someone strategically plays golf on the course can be very beneficial for diagnosis of faults and areas to improve.


Mind Factor analysis - Having worked with Dr Karl Morris and gained official accreditation Alastair can help with any mental errors that can affect performance. Many psychology sessions are taken on the course to look at real situations.


Explanar sessions - Among many training tools Alastair uses, is the Explanar training system.  Along with being one of the most popular training aids in golf it has been shown to improve golfers swings dramatically in a short space of time. 

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